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Greetings from Out of Our!
March 2011 Newsletter

Volume 9 is now in distribution a look for it in your mailbox, the usual bookstores or buy a copy online! Volume 10 will be out in April.

Subscription sale! During the month of March, if you purchase a 1-year subscription, for yourself or as a gift, youall be entered into a drawing to win a signed 8x10 color photo by Steven Gray . One entry per subscription. See our website for details and photo options. All photo selections have been printed in Out of Our in the last year.

Please consider purchasing an ad or subscription if you havenat already. Subscriptions are $25 and we have low ad ratesa|you can place a Personal Note for as little as $5 or get a full page ad for only $30!!! (cover pages are sold out). Visit www.outofour.com/want.html to purchase a subscription. Click here for more information about ads.

What have we been up to? Since the last newsletter, we have been at Viracocha a lot! The Free University of San Franciscoas first teach-in was held there, and Diane di Primaas Vision and Visionary Poems class was wonderful. Get out of your own way poets and let the vision come to you! We also very much enjoyed the Viracocha anniversary party featuring the inspired musical stylings of Xandra (of Con Brio) and Fox and Woman, the February Anger Management reading, and the Poetry Mission new poetry open mic - all held at Viracocha.

Steven went to the Quiet Lightning reading at the SupperClub with Sam Saxas explosive feature; and we both enjoyed the Mayakovsky film and reading of the poem aRevolution,a hosted by Jack Hirschman at the Readeras CafA(c) in Ft. Mason. Finally, the Revolutionary Poets Brigade held a lovely reading in solidarity with the peopleas movement in Egypt, honoring the brave souls around the world who are standing up for their rights and tearing down regimes not only in Tunisia and Egypt but also in Libya and even in America! Steven read a poem he wrote for the Libyan pilot who refused to bomb his own people.

This month we look forward to the Open Heart Poetry readings, hosted by Marc Kockinos and Virginia Barrett at Om Shan Tea in the Mission (Thursday nights); returning to Quiet Lightning at 15 Romolo, and Poetry Mission at Viracocha (second and fourth Thursdays); and Word Party , the poetry and jazz open mic hosted by Jennifer Barone, Daniel Heffez, and Ingrid Keir. Also, this week Thursdays at Readers kicks off with David Meltzer and Julie Rogers, and I will be reading there with Arthur Sheridan on 3/24!

The deadline for ads and submissions for volume 10 is March 24 . We will be planning a release party (our first!) for the next volume to occur in late April or May - details will be forthcoming.


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