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Steven Grayas
book of poems,

Shadow on the Rocks


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City Lights

Please consider advertising in Out of Our , an 8 A 1/2 x 11 poetry magazine printed
quarterly out of San Francisco.

Each contributing poet receives a copy and there are several subscribers. Additionally,
Out of Our is sold out of the following stores:

City Lights, San Francisco, CA Bird and Beckett, San Francisco, CA
Dog Eared Books, San Francisco, CA Flying Oliver Books, Sausalito, CA
Viracocha, San Francisco, CA University Press Books, Berkeley, CA
The Beat Museum, San Francisco, CA

Your ad will also appear on a aSupport our Advertisersa page at www.outofour.com
for the time period covering your print ad. In March 2011 the site averaged over
65 visitors per day, with over 2100 total visits!

Now is the time to get in on advertising with Out of Our! We are keeping our ad rates
low to help cover printing and shipping costs associated with circulation.

Ad Size

Black and White, Inside Page

Full Color Front cover (inside), or back cover (inside/outside)

Personal Note $5 NA

Business Card (1/8 page,3.5aw x 2ah)



A 1/4 page (approx. 4" x 4")



A 1/2 page (approx. 6.5" x 3.5")



Full page (8.5" x 11" or 6.5" x 9" w/ margins)



There is no additional charge for design work if you want to submit text and/or graphics
and have an ad designed for you, or you can submit your own finished ad.

To place an ad, contact outofoursf@gmail.com or call 860-460-8755. The above rates are
negotiable for multi-issue ad orders. Lock in a low rate now! Payments for ads can be
made online through PayPal.

To make a donation, you can use the Donation button on the bottom of the website pages.