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Volume 5 January, 2010
Volume 6 April, 2010
Volume 7 July, 2010
Volume 8 October, 2010
Volume 9 January, 2011

Volume 10, April 22, 2011

Out of Our poetry excerpts

Here are some excerpts from poems we recently published:

red red red

youre in heaven now and no one can FUCKINGTOUCHYOU and here it comes oh here it comes oh here it comes and its there and you dont even care how FUCKING SUICIDAL it is the way that youre living and the symphony inside your brain gets heavy and heavy AND HEAVIER AND HEAVIER AND NOW YOURE GONE AND YOUR BODY MELTS TO GELATIN AND PULSES LIKE A BEATING HEART LIKE A HEART LIKE A HEART LIKE A HEART LIKE A HEART ...

Austin Cunningham
Cary, NC


Moments of truth come to him the way an avalanche breaks loose
or the crack of a glacier, when it calves, and disappears,
like the stroke of the blade that slits the throat of the hog before it falls into the vat
of boiling water.
He and the hog are one, dangling by legs roped onto the iron wheel, squealing,
shrieking in frenzy, swung aloft,
He and the hog in the slaughterhouse of the world....

Lucille Gang Shulklapper
Coral Springs, Fl

A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A for a young prostitute

He tells her, he loves her
and beats her heart
every bruise a deepening
on her skinny ass
her just formed breasts.

You understand, he loves her
and she knows that
as she steps into the dark, damp night
sliding in and out of cars
her tiny body a slot-machine....

Agneta Falk
San Francisco, CA

On coming to terms becoming comfortable with becoming
homicidal and becoming a more complete individual


I hypnotized my psychiatrist
as a kid during one of his
long maddening infamous
Freudian silences (myself
ironically going through
hell and a hell of a lot
of shit constantly in
crisis and even feeling
damn resentful that Iad
have to sit in all that thick
silence and not even once
throw out a net or stick or
ask a single solitary question)
so to get back at him hypnotized
him during all of this mixed-message
mysterious ridiculous rest and relaxation
self-soothing therapeutic Freudian nonsense
and call it what you want
acting-out I donat really
give a shit (all a part of
the abuse of power gig) ...

Joseph Reich
N. Dartmouth, MA


Limbs bursting through bolted doors. Limbs marching
through a crowded room. Limbs dancing to the pull
of unhinged minds. Limbs lying. Limbs contracting in a fit
of pleasure. Push-cart limbs advancing. Limbs rising to
a state of grace. A newspaper article featuring limbs
at the border between madness and boredom.
aIn the future, thereas no such thing as memory.a
Limbs free from thirst. Limbs falling out of broken time
slots. Limbs seated in neat, cushioned rows. Mute
limbs. Limbs moving in tandem with the groundas
vibrations. Limbs tumbling down false bottoms. Limbs
discarded on a Sunday morning. Limbs meeting
silently for dinner....

Jesus Castillo

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