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ISSN 2154-2848 (print)

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Dear Sarah Page and Steve Gray,

An honor to be included in this issue of Out of Our. Terrific choices, empassioned poetics and fearless politics throughout. The photo, "Lied to," punched me in the gut, that powerful, that authentic. Loved the ink drawing, "Tree Hugging Pregnant Woman," made me laugh, such a sweet thought manifested.

Thank you.
Jack Cooper

Hi, Sarah and Steven,

Thanks so much for publishing my three poems (with no typos!!!) in your latest Out Of Our. I really enjoyed the other works a unusual, irreverent, and often profound. The appearance of the journal and the placement of the poems is also impressive.

I have to say that I especially enjoyed seeing my poem Where The Wild Things Are in print again. It grows on me a youad be surprised how much of what seems like fantasy in that poem was real! The taxi driver with the keychain of shrunken heads; Charles, who set girlsa hair on firea|literally true, for ex. The doctor and teacher (a pedophile). The turkey in the ventilator (thatas where people put their turkeys before Thanksgiving when their refrigerators were too small to hold much of anything); and so forth. The Mommy/wolf a I have another poem called, When The Wolf Came, Where Did Mommy Go? that deals with multiple personality disorder. The mixture of dream/nightmare and reality feels totally right to me, I was happy to find.

So thanks again,


Marian Kaplun Shapiro

" Out of Our keeps poetry alive by featuring familiar voices and by introducing the literary world to new and undiscovered underground poets.A Out Of Our takes readers inside the heart of America as the poets design a floor plan of what being alive and lucid in these modern times really consists of.

Many poets that have laid the groundwork for todayas new voices also speak to us from the pages of this new publication.A These legendary names seem to bridge any generation gap that may be present.A Out Of Our lets the reader know what has happened, what is happening and what can happen."A

Jake St. John
New London, CT

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