Out of Our

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Religion is politics. But you know this.
Politics is economics. [aItas the economy, stupid!a]
And Economics has become a religion.
People die for religions, like communism or capitalism. They believe in those material re-organizing systems because, for 90% of usaor soasurvival on this material planet precludes all other thoughts of a higher register. Without time to think, Facts donat count, except to reinforce prior imaginations.
We select facts to support our belief systemsathat is, our NOT fact-based religions--and those in turn support our faith-based economies...and we keep on keepina on with the same ola same ola traditional establishmentarian sloggings. We donat evolve because we are too grateful for our leisure time to use it for anything but pain relief or sleep. They force us to seek out the opiates of the masses so we can wear ourselves down rioting at soccer games.

If we can imagine...a place like Heaven,
why canat we imagine... Heaven on Earth?
If we can imagine... just being Happy...with whatever weare worth,
why canat we imagine... being happy... here in Heaven on Earth?
Shouldnat we be trying to take Heaven out of our mythology and make it real?
Bring it on down, here, where we can use it?
Maybe that way: Our home, this planet Earth, will be glad to have us on board.
And show us the way to live so we can stay here.